Ever miss out on a perfect wave because your leash tripped you up?  Are you adjusting your leash before paddling for a wave or throughout your session?  Does the idea of leash tangle creep into your thoughts during your session?  Leash tangle is real and has long plagued surfers and other water sports enthusiasts.  Read more by clicking the links below.

Even the pros deal with leash tangle.  Check out how John John Florence, Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright, and Jordy Smith try and tame their leashes by tucking their leash cuff inside their wetsuit.

It’s time surf equipment did more.  Epic Surf Design offers a simple and elegant integrated wetsuit and leash system.  Instead of fastening around itself, the leash wraps around and integrates with the wetsuit.  The integrated wetsuit and leash work together as one, keeping your leash oriented away from your feet during your entire session so you can forget about it.

Eliminate a variable in your surfing.  You don't think about your wetsuit out in the water.  Imagine leaving behind all thoughts of your leash on the beach too.  Imagine scanning the lineup for waves without looking down to check and reposition your leash.  Imagine focusing 100% on critical takeoffs, fearlessly getting to your feet, and then enjoying the ride without worrying about stepping on or tripping over your leash.  Experience freedom in your water sports adventures.


Shake Up the Lineup

Take your equipment to the next level with our patented integrated wetsuit and leash system.  Discover the many benefits, including:

  • Expand your product line with new companion leashes and increase revenue stream
  • Drive existing wetsuit sales with new leash products
  • Gain a competitive edge by offering a brand new solution, not merely incremental improvements over existing features
  • Increase brand visibility through placement on a greater number of products
  • Be a more complete surf brand—not just a wetsuit or boardshorts brand—by offering a more comprehensive line of surf solutions
  • Be a more credible surf brand—not just an apparel or lifestyle company—by offering functional surf solutions that actually improve performance and enhance the surfing experience

Still have questions?  We have answers.  Drop us a line to learn more about our integrated wetsuit and leash system and other game-changing solutions.  Our designs are protected under a number of issued and pending patents, including:

U.S. Patent No. 10,081,415

U.S. Patent Application No. 15/836,710

U.S. Patent Application No. 16/058,175

U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/596,688

Australian Patent Application No. 2018275001